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Serving central Indiana from Trafalgar since 1996 and expanding to five other locations, Windrose Health Network provides affordable family medicine through multiple state and federal assistance programs or on a sliding fee scale.

As the term implies, family medicine is health care for the entire family, as well as the individual, covering many conditions and illnesses. It integrates biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences and encompasses all ages and both sexes. If warranted, it’s also the gateway to various medical specialists, hospitals, or distinctive treatments, depending on the patient’s illness or condition.

An experienced staff of 150 physicians, nurses, and clinicians together speak more than 20 diverse languages including Spanish, Romanian, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, and English, making health care truly accessible. The practice provides primary care as well as physicals, vaccinations, and other non-emergency healthcare needs.

Family Medicine

Care Services

Remedies for acute health issues such as flu, fever, vomiting, sore throat, or diarrhea are offered on a walk-in basis. Monitoring and treatment of chronic illnesses like hypertension, high or low blood sugar, or chronic respiratory disorders are also effectively handled. Included are a wide range of reproductive health, family planning, prenatal, and pediatric services from infants to young teens. A separate behavioral health team provides counseling services.

And More

Complete physical examinations for job applicants, transportation licensing (CDL/DOT), athletic activities, or just routine checkups are provided. This includes well-baby checks, gynecology and well-woman exams, ADHD evaluation, and school physicals for all grades.

Family Medicine
Family Medicine

Lab Testing, Vaccinations, And Immunization

Windrose Health Network administers multiple child and adult immunizations required by schools or employers as well as seasonal allergy, flu, and shingles shots. Preventative health screenings and wellness tests include cancer evaluations such as cervical (Pap), prostate (PSA blood), or colorectal (colon) stool analysis.

Family Medicine Providers

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  • Michael Chitwood, MD
    Michael Chitwood, MD Family Medicine
  • Joy Odeta, MD
    Joy Odeta, MD Family Medicine
  • Jacqueline Cheng, MD
    Jacqueline Cheng, MD Family Medicine
  • Mark Stine, MD
    Mark Stine, MD Family Medicine
  • Lisa Jones, NP-C
    Lisa Jones, NP-C Adult Medicine
  • Mirela Ungureanu, MD
    Mirela Ungureanu, MD Family Medicine
  • Donna Vaughan, LMHC, DBH
    Donna Vaughan, LMHC, DBH Behavioral Health
  • Derrick Hasenour, MD
    Derrick Hasenour, MD Family Medicine | Obstetrics
  • Abhigyan Banka, MD
    Abhigyan Banka, MD Family Medicine
  • Ayesha Ali, MD
    Ayesha Ali, MD Family Medicine
  • Glenda Wendling N.P.
    Glenda Wendling N.P. Family Medicine
  • Melissa Bailey, FNP-BC
    Melissa Bailey, FNP-BC Family Medicine
  • Julie Snyder, FNP-C
    Julie Snyder, FNP-C Family Medicine
  • Lori Rose, FNP-C
    Lori Rose, FNP-C Family Medicine
  • Donna O’Daniel, FNP-C
    Donna O’Daniel, FNP-C Family Medicine
Family Medicine

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