The Rise of Skywalker to Highlight Heroine’s Journey; The Psychology of Star Wars

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May the Fourth Be With You From Windrose Health!

In Star Wars, limbs get chopped-off in a traumatic, Freudian way frequently.  Like Freud and Jung, George Lucas gained his original insights into family psychology by studying ancient Greek Mythology (like Oedipus Rex) regarding conflict between fathers and sons.

Like many men, Scott Rollett has noticed parallels between his own life and that of the Skywalker protagonists.  “The original movies really show how trauma, pain, and anger can fundamentally change a guy“, he explains.  Trauma and loss can cause us to dissociate from our feelings and feel detached from those around us.  Trauma and anger created Darth Vader from Anakin Skywalker, who could only find peace and redemption through his family.

Windrose COO Scott Rollett keeps his Star Wars collection on display in his office

Windrose COO Scott Rollett is passionate about mental health. He is also a big Star Wars fan, posing here with the collection in his office.


But What About The Female Perspective?

Lucas has often said that his original trilogy includes so few women because so few literary works have examined the female version of the hero’s journey.  Lee Rollett, CEO of Purple Sparrow Marketing notes that her favorite episode is Revenge of the Sith for its portrayal of the balance between masculine and feminine perspectives within a strained relationship.  Anakin and Padme’s relationship may have been star-crossed, but but what would Star Wars look like if it featured a strong, central female heroine?

Luckily, all this is changing with female protagonist Rey

The new Star Wars trilogy mirrors the original in many ways–but with a female protagonist.  Both Rey and Kylo Ren have experienced similar traumas in life, but seem to use very different strategies to cope.  Like Luke, Rey remains determined to ‘turn’ others towards the light.  Can Ben Solo be redeemed through Rey, as Anakin was redeemed through Luke?

Maybe…from a certain point of view.  We’ll find out this December when The Rise of Skywalker concludes this trilogy-of-trilogies!

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In memory of Peter Mayhew, the gentle giant who helped create the tough yet tender Chewbacca and worked to raise awareness of the effects of trauma in our lives.  Learn more about his foundation here.

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