Social Media, Body Image, and Eating Disorders With Erica Ives, LMFT

 In Integrative Health, Suicide Prevention

We asked ED expert Erica Ives how technology has influenced eating disorders

We wondered about the effects of social media on body image and eating disorders.  Is it harmful to see so many air-brushed images of models in ads?  Can social media offer support to those struggling?  For this #NEDAwareness week 2019, we asked expert Erica Ives, LMFT.




Erica Ives, LMFT is a professional expert with personal experience in the field of eating disorders, learn more about her mission at

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2019 starts February 25th!

Erica explains the relationship between social media and our body image, and goes in-depth to discuss the more serious mental health implications that can arise from eating disorders.  Her message is clear:  “You do not need to suffer in silence”.

This year’s #NEDAwareness theme is #ComeAsYouAre

Amanda Roth Eating Disorders #NEDAwareness 2019

Interested in learning more about ED?  Find out what local expert Amanda Roth wishes the public understood about eating disorders…


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