July is Minority Mental Health Month: MHA Asks for Social Media Movement with #DepthOfMyIdentity

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Minority Mental Health Month

This year, MHA’s Minority Mental Health Month has a special objective:  To address the added mental health stigma faced by minorities seeking help by sharing personal answers to three personal mental health questions on social media.

“Time to end the stigma against mental illness.  The next time you hear the term ‘mental’, do not think of the madman–think of me.”

Special thanks to Lindsay Burton McIntosh and Staring Down the Stigma of Mental Illness for pointing us towards TED speaker Sangu Delle, who tells his personal story here.  He explains, “I have a loving supportive family and incredibly loyal friends, yet I could not entertain the idea of speaking to anyone about my feeling of pain.  I felt suffocated by the rigid architecture of our African Masculinity.”

While we usually associate the word ‘minority’ with racial, ethnic, or cultural contexts within the US, Mental Health America is focused on expanding this term to include individuals from a wide-range of marginalized and underserved communities.  For example, this may include refugees, immigrants, religious minorities, and others who are often overlooked.  If you belong to one of these groups, please help spread understanding through your lived experience.  This helps to address stereotyping, negative preconceptions, and bias itself.  Speaking up helps improve mental health within a community, and may even influence broader public opinions in a positive way.

How Can I Support Minority Mental Health Month?

MHA’s #DepthOfMyIdentity campaign asks you to share content (a video, pictures, a series of videos, a poem, notes, or even GIFs) responding to the Guiding Questions provided below:

  • What labels would you use to describe yourself?
  • How have the perceptions of others impacted you and your mental health?
  • What advice would you give to others to protect their wellbeing and overall mental health if they encounter similar challenges?

Answer these questions and share a photo of yourself on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #DepthOfMyIdentity.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a TEDx Speaker.  Take a look at Jennifer C from MHA’s Facebook Page:

Jennifer shared her #DepthOfMyIdentity story to raise awareness about the impact of prejudice and microaggressions on…

Posted by Mental Health America on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

“Our capacity to destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal one-another. Restoring relationships & community is central to restoring well-being.”
Bessel Van Der Kolk, “The Body Keeps the Score

While treatment is readily available, stigma prevents many of us from seeking treatment for mental health concerns.  New research demonstrates that this stigma is indeed stronger among non-white demographics.  Learn more with expert Biak Sung, Windrose Community Health Worker here:

Do Different Ethnicities Experience Different Mental Health Stigma?


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