How Do Therapists Know What to Say?

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How Do Therapists Know What to Say?

In this video interview, ML explained therapists can evoke insightful answers in their clients by getting to know “what’s in it for them”–intently listening to their story without injecting advice or bias.  This is a part of motivational interviewing, which according to SAMHSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions is an approach that, “…upholds four principles— expressing empathy and avoiding arguing, developing discrepancy, rolling with resistance, and supporting self-efficacy (client’s belief s/he can successfully make a change).”

For more information on motivational interviewing watch the complete interview with Mary Louise Ruef below as she answers the question:  How do Therapists Know What to Say?

There is a saying ML likes: “You can lead a horse to water, and while you can’t make them drink, you can salt the oats.” 

Ultimately therapists will know the right thing to say as long as they keep the interest of their clients in mind, and always approach the matter with respect and general kindness.

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